Axle Tech FAQ

Q: Do you make custom axles?
  • Yes we do. Please see our custom axles application page for more details. 
Q: Do you make rear axles?
  • We have full floaters and are now taking orders for rear axle shafts for the Dana 44 JK - 32 & 35 spline 300M. Call us for more details.
Q: Do you have anything larger than a Dana 60?
  • We are currently are manufacturing the first run of our Rockwell sized CV joint. Equipped with 1 1/8” ball bearings,
  • a 2” 47 spline stub and 300M internal components, this CV will be able to withstand 50” plus tires.
  • Manufacturing of this application should be completed this July, so stay tuned!
Q:Can your Spherical Sealing Technology CV Seals fit with axles produced by other manufactures?
  • No. Spherical Sealing Technology CV Seals are designed to conform to the unique shape of Ultimate CV Axles.
Q:Can you rebuild your CV joints?
  • Yes. Please see our rebuild kit page.
Q:What material is used to make your axles?
  • 4340 and 300M chromoly steel.
Q:Can I use RCV axles for my daily driver?
  • Yes
Q:How often should I grease the axles and how do I grease them?
  • We recommend 4-5 pumps using a manual grease gun every 6 months. Our axles have an easy to use zerk fitting for simple greasing.
Q:Can RCV axle sets be configured with spindle upgrades?
  • Yes we can configure RCV axles for all popular spindle upgrades - Spyntek , Dynatrac, and more. Please contact us with you particular set-up.
Q: What is the max tire size for RCV shafts?
  • Dana 30 - 35”
  • Dana 44 - 40”
  • Dana 60 - 49.5”