GM Pickup and SUV Owners with IFS. Don’t Worry. Be Happy.

Many owners of 2006 and up GM pickups and SUV’s are a bit hesitant to apply too much throttle when off-roading, and especially when the steering wheel is turned. They don’t want to blow up their CV axles. Either they have done it before, or know someone who did (“Aye..It was a cold dark day, and my cousin was at full lock…”). We certainly can’t blame them for being nervous. However, we can help. The solution is to get rid of the stock OE CV axle shafts. They need to be taken off, put on a shelf, or sold, or whatever. The key is to just take them off. Then install our Ultimate IFS CV Axles. Our stuff is ultra-high strength and has an articulation range that makes the original equipment CV axles resemble al Dente spaghetti noodles. Very al Dente.  The inner joints have 28 degrees of articulation, while the outers have 45. Hey, we’re articulate, and stuff! Even if the vehicle is lifted, has big tires, and is high powered, our axles operate smoothly, and without vibration. And they don’t break! RCV Ultimate IFS CV Axles provide the strength of a straight axle swap, while keeping the traction, smoothness and control of IFS. So, to get awesome strength one doesn’t have to hack-up their truck to install a straight axle. Our CV axles simply bolt right in place of the originals. As you might expect, our design is different than the original equipment. Instead of the tripod inner CV joint design that distributes force over three roller bearings, we use beefy 935 inner CV joints, which distribute power over six ball bearings. More surface area to handle the power = stronger. For the outer CV joint we use the same Super Duty Chromoly Dome-Mass Cage and Race with Spherical Sealing Technology that is used with our Ultimate CV axles for Dana 60. Which provides Superman type strength, and has the Spherical Sealing Technology that is far more resistant to punctures and tears than a rubber CV boot. Plus it looks really cool. These axles are basically the same units that are run by racers in Ultra4, and TORC. They are low maintenance, run really smooth when used on the street, and come with our infamous “No Questions Asked” limited lifetime warranty. So, if you GM Pickup and SUV owners are your using your rig for hard core off road action, or even as a utility vehicle (like as a snow plow): Don’t worry. Be happy.