Dana 60? We don’t need no stinking Dana 60! – Or, how to make your Dana 44 as strong as a Dana 60

The Dana 60 is a beast of a front axle. The Big Kahuna. We love it, and make CV axle shafts to make it even stronger (more beastie?). Plus it’s cool to tell people your running a Dana 60. Folks often swap a Dana 60 in place of their Dana 44 because they need the extra strength when they go to bigger tires, or add more power, and especially when they do both. However, some are unhappy that the Dana 60 doesn’t have as much ground clearance as a Dana 44, and it weighs more. We found a Dana 44 can be built to be as strong as a Dana 60. Dana 60 like strength without the issues. You can have your cake and eat it too (and we bet you just love cake).

Here is how one person did it: http://www.jkowners.com/tech/axle/index.php