Install FAQ

Q: What measurements will I need to provide?
Q: Can I use RCV shafts with:
  • ARB - Yes
  • Detroit Locker – Yes
  • Lockouts - Warn preferred
  • Knuckles – Crane, Reid, Spidertrax may require some clearancing
  • Big Brakes - Not Recommended with Vanco – call for others
  • Ball Joints - Synergy Manufacturing & Dynatrac ProSteer Ball Joints with the JK will work. Sometimes slight clearancing is needed. More Info

For more details, and to check compatibility with other products, please contact us.
Q: What other parts will I need?
  • Everything you will need to install your axles will be sent to you with your order.
Q: What is the CV joint diameter of the Dana 30,44, and 60?
  • Dana 30 - 3.75”
  • Dana 44 - 3.75”
  • Dana 44 Non-Unit Bearing - 3.563”
  • Dana 60 - 4.485”
Q: What is the diameter of RCV shafts?
  • Dana 30 - 1.13”
  • Dana 44 - 1.25”
  • Dana 44 Non-Unit Bearing - 1.25”
  • Dana 60 - 1.472”
Q: Can I install RCV CV axles myself?
  • Yes. We do have installation instructions & videos available on our site. Or check our Dealer Locator for a dealer/installer near you
Q:Do RCV CV Axles work with sleeved tubes?
  • Yes RCV shafts fit with no problem.
Q:Do the axles bolt in or do I need to make any modifications?
  • Most simply bolt in, while some will require simple clearance modifications on the bolts and steering knuckles. See our installation instructions & videos for more tips. 
Q:Should grease be coming out of my Spherical Sealing Technology CV Seal?
  • You may see some grease, however, it should be easily wiped away.