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Upgrading your 2.5 Ton Rockwell Axles

We couldn't begin to tell you how many times we have found ourselves underneath a truck or Jeep replacing a broken axleshaft or U-joint. Let's face it: Once a rig has been fitted with larger tires and wheels, and has had its engine performance boosted with additional horsepower, something is bound to snap. And that something is usually the factory axleshafts or U-joints. But there is an easy fix!

Fixing The Front Axle: Upgrading Your Dodge Dana 60

Every truck has them: the part in the system that’s just a bit weaker than the rest. Some become apparent when you add copious amounts of power. Others make themselves known with age. The front axle in the ’99 to ’08 Dodge 2500/3500 and ’99 to ’04 Ford Super Duty trucks are great examples. Overall, these are pretty good assemblies, but they use unit bearings, which become a weak link over time.

Building A Junkyard Dana 60 For A TJ - Some Assembly Required

When it comes to front axles, the Dana 60 is pretty much the gold standard. It enables you to confidently stay in the throttle longer, bounce harder, and lift later than if you have a pair of potential grenades under your rig. Of course, there are several companies willing to build you a complete Dana 60 that bolts under your Jeep, but if you’re on a beer budget, those champagne tastes are a little out of reach.Many of us have a hard enough time keeping credit card balances to a minimum without a money-Hoovering Jeep addiction.

Jeep Axle Tech - Snap-Happy Breaking Shafts And Axle Facts

The mad science behind keeping axleshafts alive is a lot like the mad science behind keeping a supermodel girlfriend happy: you don't really care why it works as long as it does

Bombproof Bolt-On JK TJ YJ Wrangler Axle Upgrade

I got my hands on some RCV axle shafts for the Dana 44 frontend in our '07 Wrangler Rubicon. These CV-style axles are supposed to be several times stronger than the factory U-jointed shafts. I've seen the test chart and they seem to be about the same strength as a stock 35-spline Dana 60 axle shaft. That's a pretty big upgrade for a simple bolt in!

Dynatrac ProRock 44 JK Axle - Building the World's Strongest Dana 44

It’s a bold claim the strongest Dana 44 ever built. And admittedly, you could argue a few exceptions in certain components. But overall, the Dana 44-based Dynatrac ProRock JK axle has to be the strongest ever built.

Making CV Joints Live

If you've lifted your IFS vehicle, there are a few things you're probably already living with that you wish you weren't. One may be vibration coming from the front drive axle assembly. Perhaps you live in fear of applying too much power off-road when you have the wheels turned at all. You might have already blown up your share of CV joints, or heard enough stories about other people doing it that you don't want to experience it yourself.

Traction and Strength

Let’s say you are an ’01 to ’10 GM truck owner who has found all the power you need. The next step is getting the power to the ground reliably.

Dodge Front Axle Upgrades To Handle Serious Power

Weak links. Every truck has them. They’re the part in the system that’s just a bit more fragile than the rest. Some become apparent when you add extra power. Others make themselves known with age. The AAM 925 front axle in the ’03 to ’10 Dodge 2500 and 3500 trucks is a great example.

All About Birfields

Birfields. Scorned by the ignorant, accepted by many, loved by few. If you wheel a Toyota with Birfields, it’s not a matter of will they break, but when.