Racer Testimonials

"I am a huge fan of RCV axles and especially like their strength and reliability when at tight steering angles. We torture RCV axles beyond belief and they are holding up with little maintenance - they are a proven value." Kevin Sacalas
Big Ugly Racing
Ultra4 Buggy (Unlimited Ultra4 Class)
Original Ultra4 Champion 1st Place - BITD Vegas to Reno: The Long Way
3rd Place King of the Hammers Grand Slam of Off Road Racing
1 year - 5 races - 3 podiums 2700 Race Miles

"RCV made a big difference in our program. They always supply us with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, and were instrumental in solving a driveline problem we were having. With simple maintenance RCV operates with no problems." Scott Douglas
Douglas Motorsports
Ford F-150 Pro4
86 Career Wins
8 Desert Championships
2 Short-Course Championships
2 Time Borg Warner Champion

"I have been running RCV Performance products since 2004, and their parts have never failed me. RCV products have gotten me through some of the most grueling desert races in the United States, and helped me win several championships."

Dave Cole
Dave Cole Motorsports
Ultra4 Buggy
Long list of podium wins in rock crawling
Winner W.E.Rock Pro-Mod World Championship
Winner Vegas 2 Reno
Co-founder of Hammerking Productions

"I used to have bad wheel hop when turning at full lock and giving it full throttle. With RCV it's smooth as glass. I feel no shake through the steering wheel, and the steering is very smooth." Tim Cameron
Extreme Rock Bouncer

"The reliability of RCV CV axles for the Ford TTB allows us to take wins, and finish on the podium more consistently than ever before. We were facing a problem breaking the u-joints and axle shafts on our Ford Twin Traction Beam axle, which resulted in DNF’s. Since we began using RCV’s Ultimate CV Axles we have not had a single problem with breakage.”

Brad LaMarche
LaMarche Racing
Fullsize '86 Ford Bronco & ’94 Body
Axle Kit: CVJTTB-C

Class: Formula 4x4
2012 Traxxas Torc Series Formula 4x4 Champion
2011 World Champion

"We run a desert off-road race car known as class 10 and class 1000, it is an unlimited buggy with a limited engine. Races are typically 250 to 1000 miles long and ran in the deserts of the Southwest United States and Mexico. Most people have heard of the "Baja 1000". Class 10/1000 is probably the fastest growing class in the last year with entries exceeding 50 cars and is also one of the most competitive. Desert racing is probably the most grueling type of racing ran in the harshest conditions and only the best of the best even finish races, generally out of 200-300 entries 50-60% do not even finish.

We must use the best parts we can to give us the best odds of winning, you must first finish if you want to finish first! We have been using RCV Synthetic Moly CV Grease exclusively this entire season with no hint of a failure. In the past we mixed Swepco and BelRay because thats what everybody else used and was supposed to be the ticket. After every race we inspect and re-grease the CV's. With RCV's grease it seems to stay put in the CV better where it belongs and also stays greasy and does not dry out. From my experience RCV's synthetic CV grease is the best grease we can get our hands on, and that is why we use it."

Randy Ellis
Class 10 and Class 1000
Randy Ellis Design, Inc.