RCV Performance Products is introducing the all-new CARBON FIBER prop shaft to our UTV line featuring specially designed CVs. The carbon fiber design with hard-coated 7075 aluminum end yokes is HALF the weight of OEM, reducing rotational mass, increases acceleration, and reduces any possibility of vibration. Additionally, the dampening effect of carbon fiber will reduce shock load and stress on other components such as transmission and front differential. The heavier steel tube will see deflection at high-RPM critical speed, the low mass and high rigidity of carbon fiber reaches a critical speed much higher than any UTV is capable of.  The RCV CV design is unmatched in smoothness and strength over any u-joint prop shaft.  The new RCV prop shaft features 300M CV components that ensure maximum strength.  Prop shaft and components are completely sealed and rebuildable.

Available for 2-seat and 4-seat Polaris RZR models. For 2-seat models, prop shafts are a 1-piece design, and a safety loop has been incorporated that bolts to the factory carrier bearing mount to contain the prop shaft.  4-seat models are 2-piece and include a replacement carrier bearing. Custom lengths available.

Pricing starts at $1499.00

2-Seat part numbers:
2014-2017 XP1000: RZR-PS-CF
2016-2017 XP Turbo: RZR-PST-CF

4-Seat part numbers:
2014-2017 XP1000 4: RZR-PS4-CF
2016-2017 XP Turbo 4: RZR-PST4-CF

For information on this product, please call us at 815-877-7473, email us at sales@rcvperformance.com, or visit us online at www.rcvperformance.com