RCV Performance Products introducing the new “Pro Series II” axle for the Can-Am X3 X DS and X RS.  The axles feature a plunging inboard and outboard CV much like the factory design, however every opportunity to improve was taken to maximize strength and longevity.  The front inboard CVs are an all 300M construction in addition to all the CV internals featuring 300M components.  The front axle is our 300M Pro Series 33 spline shaft, which is second only to our rear 40 spline 300M shaft – by far the largest axle diameter in the industry.  The rear outboard CV has been increased in size comparable to a full size truck CV to take advantage of additional room at the hub.

These axles are designed for harsh racing conditions where heat build-up is a concern.  The specially engineered RCV Spec Grease is featured in both the inboard and outboard CVs to battle these extreme conditions.

Sean Carlini, Engineer at RCV Performance, says, “We have been testing this new axle design for months in several different environments from sand dunes and open desert to tough rocky conditions and we are pleased with the results.  Early versions of these axles are being run in race vehicles, and have already won the UTV World Championships. Our in-house tests have shown the axle to be the strongest aftermarket solution available.”

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