RCV Performance has taken special care to redesign a new IFS axle set for Ford Raptor Gen 1 & Gen 2!  We have carefully engineered this axle to be the ultimate solution for the Raptor in any environment.  The axles feature a double-offset inboard CV joint that is comprised of 1-inch diameter ball bearings 300M Dana 60 sized internal components.  The outboard CVs utilize our Dana 60 architecture with 300M components optimized for maximum strength.  The stub spindle nut size has been increased for added strength.  The center bar is 35 spline, 1.625” diameter 300M, the strongest in the industry.  The RCV high-temp “Spec Grease” is used in the CVs to control heat build-up in even the most extreme use environments.

We have been testing these axles in a variety of applications and different environments.  This axle set is designed to be a direct factory replacement.

Axles as tested designed to fit the following models but not limited to: 2010-2017 Ford F-150 Raptor. (CJVIFS-FORD1)


Additional kits available for the +3 Raptor Performance Group long travel kit (CVJIFS-FORD1+3)


RCV CV Axles are low maintenance and operate with a smoothness you can feel – whether off road or on the street.  As always, our new Ford Raptor axles are backed with a “No Questions Asked” limited lifetime warranty.

For information on this product, please call us at 815-877-7473, email us at sales@rcvperformance.com, or visit us online at www.rcvperformance.com.