RCV Performance Smooth-Drive CV Axles are designed to easily replace universal jointed front axle shafts, and have been tested to be twice as strong as original equipment axles.  Ultimate CV Axles are simply unbreakable - even when running big tires and big power.  They're just as tough at a straight angle as they are all extreme angles - where u-jointed axles are at their weakest.  RCV's constant velocity design eliminates u-joint binding to allow smooth power transfer to the ground, and readicate steering wheel shimmy.  The company's patented Spherical Sealing Technology provides much greater resistance to punctures and tears than a rubber CV boot.  Put the power down with confidence.

• Made in the USA

• Over 70 years of experience in custom manufacturing

• CV axles maintain 100% strength up to 45 degrees of angle

• Smooth operation through oscillation - no binding or u-joint failure

• Specializing in custom solutions for your toughest applications


We design, engineer, and build all of our products in house in Rockford, Illinois. We specialize in providing solutions to not only meet requirements, but to be the best possible resolution available. Each and every part we build is tested for strength and endurance to ensure the best possible user experience. Our extensive knowledge in designing and building custom applications goes back over 70 years. Our custom services include:

• Cryo treating • Heat treating • Custom axle bars • Custom CVs • 3D printing prototypes

• Custom output shafts • Custom drive flanges • Unlimited custom capabilities


To learn more about our fleet product capabilities, please contact us.

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